Seadoo ignition coil test

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PWC Engine Ref. Battery dying in your Trim equipped up Sea Doo? Disconnect your VTS unit.

seadoo ignition coil test

If that fixes the problem the module probably has failed due to moisture. Every time you have your engine compartment open, grab the motor and give it a pull to make sure your motor mounts are in good shape. Broken mounts can cause driveline and pipe problems if not caught early! Save money and time by doing repairs yourself instead of using a dealer!

The area above is always changing so check back often as links are added. Even if it does check out ok, sometimes the MPEM can fail when under operating conditions so take that into consideration when diagnosing problems. When checking your MPEM, make sure to use a digital ohmmeter which has known accuracy. Also, to avoid ohmmeter damage and to get accurate results, MPEM testing must be done with all wires disconnected from circuit.Testing the ignition coil in your Ski Doo snowmobile will inform you if starting problems stem from faulty equipment.

Then you will know the vehicle needs a new ignition coil, so you can maximize your time enjoying winter adventures. An ignition coil converts the voltage from the snowmobile's battery to a much larger value to allow the spark plugs to ignite fuel.

How to Test a Ski Doo Ignition Coil

Inside the device, two long wires carry electrical current that induce magnetic fields fro the voltage increase. To work properly each coil must offer a specified amount of resistance to the electricity. Switch on the digital multimeter then turn its measurement dial to the resistance setting.

Resistance is measured in ohms and denoted on the dial by the capital Greek letter omega.

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Connect the red positive probe of the multimeter to the positive, outer post of the ignition coil. Touch the black negative probe of the multimeter to the outer, negative post of the device to measure the resistance of the primary coil. If the reading differs from that stated in the Ski Doo's manual the ignition coil needs replaced. Connect the black probe of the multimeter to the central, negative terminal of the ignition coil.

This creates a resistance reading for the secondary coil. Again, if the tested resistance is not what is given in the owners manual the ignition coil has gone bad. William Hirsch started writing during graduate school in His work has been published in the scientific journal "Physical Review Letters.

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On newer vehicles, a coil pack replaces the distributor. It is an electronically controlled pack of ignition coils regulated by the car's computer and is used to create the spark for each engine cylinder's spark plug. Generally speaking, coil packs are much more reliable than distributors, because there are no moving parts and because they fire much less often than a distributor. Coil packs usually create a better spark, which in turn produces better combustion and horsepower in a car's engine.

seadoo ignition coil test

When creating a spark at the spark plug, the fire must initiate from a high voltage supply, so as much fuel as possible burns in the cylinder. Whenever the combustion process is started, the coil pack builds up the energy, as much as 50, to 75, Volts. When the electronic control module the car computer sends the signal to the ignition control, the voltage is released from the coil pack through the spark plug cables to the spark plug.

SeaDoo Older MPEM (wired) Test Instructions

When the spark travels to the spark plug, it jumps from the spark plug gap to the ground, causing an explosion of the fuel air mixture inside the cylinder chamber. Usually, if a coil pack is bad, there will be a loss of fire or spark in one or more cylinders.

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This causes what's commonly referred to as misfiring. Misfiring can cause drag on the crankshaft, and usually results in a very poor performing engine. A faulty coil pack will generally have symptoms similar to a faulty spark plug. Some of the most common tell tale signs that a coil may be defective include:. Fortunately, there is an easy way to test the coil packs in your vehicle and make sure they're working as they should. You need to use ohm meter to test the coil pack for continuity.

Make sure you have the approximate ohm values for the coil pack. To find this information, research your car's engine on the Internet or purchase a Chilton's or Haynes manual to find out what the mega ohms reading on the coil pack should be. Whereas in the past, vehicles used a distributor to pass the thousands of volts needed to create a spark from the ignition coil to the sparkplugs, modern ignition systems now use one coil for each sparkplug or in some cases one coil for two sparkplugs.

Many times, these multiple coils are mounted in a single mounting block with multiple terminals, thus the term coil pack. Coil Pack Advantages Coil packs began to be implemented in many vehicles during the late 's.If you have tested the spark plugs, the ignition and the battery on your Sea-Doo but still cannot get it to start, another area to check is the stator.

The stator is mounted on the top of the Sea-Doo's engine block near the points. Stators are part of the rotor system. A simple stator test can be performed with the use of a digital multimeter. It will take you less than 30 minutes to test your stator. Look up the stator-resistance range in your Sea-Doo's owner manual. This is important, so you will know exactly what range to set the voltmeter at to perform the test. Different Sea-Doos will have different stator-resistance ranges.

Place the positive, or red, meter lead to the blue stator wire and the black meter lead wire to the remaining stator wire. If the Ohms measured and displayed on the meter screen falls within the stator range from the Sea-Doo manual, then the stator is not bad and will not need to be replaced. However, if the resistance measured is a lot higher than the designated resistance range, the stator is bad and needs to be replaced.

Andrea Walk began writing inauthoring user guides for technical software. Related How to Test a Boat Stator.

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seadoo ignition coil test

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Thread starter dcar72 Start date Aug 22, Tags ignition coil. Status Not open for further replies. My GTX want to run the spark looks Weak so we are thinking its the ignition coil. How do I test the coil with meter? Thanks Cut Spark Plug wires back and new plugs. Last edited by a moderator: Aug 22, Also test trigger coil.

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seadoo ignition coil test

You can get repair manuals off the Internet. It will give you testing valves. Check all your ground wires and protect with Dielectric grease.

Check all your fuses for crud and corrosion. If the E - box has ever been filled with water the main fuse may be toast. Users who viewed this discussion Total Latest posts J. Usergroup Administrator Moderator Premium Member. Sign up for Premium Membership and get access to hundreds of repair manuals and expert advice!In order to test the spark, pull the spark plug from the engine, and then start the car. There should be a bright blue spark between the electrodes every time the cylinder fires, provided that there is enough voltage reaching the spark plug.

The coil is likely to be faulty if there is no spark. A digital multimeter is required for testing the resistance levels of the ignition coil. The terminals of the coil are going to be marked "negative" and "positive," and these are the two points where the resistance of primary winding can be measured. To check a 12 volt coil, set the multimeter to at least a Ohms setting.

Attach both leads of the meter to the coil-terminals with black to the negative terminal and red to the positive one. The normal, acceptable range for a standard volt car is 1. See if the reading is within this range. Set the meter to 20K Ohm setting, and attach the leads to the ignition coil's center terminal. The reading for secondary-coil resistance should be 11, because if it is lower, that's the reason why sparks are not appearing.

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